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Natural Way To Control Your Diabetes: Medical science has evolved in last 50 years in understanding diabetes .How, why, whom the disease will catch has seen considerable change in pathological process and Nobel prize has been awarded to the scientists who developed this understanding .Modern technology is being used to treat these processes at the root cause of the disease .Laser hemotherapy is one such breakthrough technology. Improving blood glucose and circulatory related conditions:Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) can be treated by aiming to regularize blood sugar. Yang et al investigated the intravenous blood irradiation method of treatment on 8 patients. They measured the blood glucose before and after each treatment, as well as the blood rheology. The 2h post prandial blood glucose decreased by various degrees after a single treatment. They also found different levels of improvements in the symptoms, improvements in microcirculation and improvements in the concentration of molecular substances. Why Laser Hemotherapy works for diabetes?...... Homeostatic Rebalancing, Moderating the factors that cause red blood cell aggregation, Improving blood flow dynamics and circulation, Release of nitric oxide from Laser hemotherapy, The increased activity levels of WBC
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